The Nature And Heritage Of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 The civilization, nature, and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is demonstrated by the 2017 Saudi Colors Forum in its sixth edition, held in December at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Saudi Colors 2017 competition aims to activate the role of the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage in defining the tourism potential enjoyed by the Kingdom of heritage, natural, cultural and civilization, and to encourage and honor photographers supporting tourism and national heritage, and to contribute to the dissemination of the distinguished image of national tourism.

Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, President of the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, had opened Tuesday evening, the sixth edition of the Saudi Colors Forum, and honored the winners of the Saudi Colors for Photography and Short Films Competition, in addition to honoring the winners of the Prince Sultan bin Salman Award for Photography. Winning tourist photos and movies were announced.

Prince Sultan bin Salman said, “The name of the colors of Saudi Arabia means the goal. The issue is not in the process of photographing, but the aim is to highlight the beauty of our country and its tourism ingredients. Thank God the people have begun to realize what we have been saying since the establishment of the Tourism Authority,” adding, “Our country’s wealth exceeds oil and our real wealth is humans.” And, adding that “the goal is to direct the capabilities of people in the field of photography and production of photographic films to serve the goals of the Tourism Authority in highlighting the tourism potential of the Kingdom,” noting that “the lens is a window through which we see our country and its tourism and heritage components.”

A large number of professional and amateur photographers in the Kingdom and the Arab Gulf countries, a number of different media outlets, government, private and educational agencies, artistic production companies, photo societies, and special pavilions for creative and amateur professional photographers participate in the Colors Forum.

The Saudi Colors Forum aims to introduce the tourism potential of the Kingdom and promote it through the tourism image, highlighting the distinctive diversity therein, and encourage and motivate photographers and creators to highlight the Kingdom’s tourist sites, heritage, monuments, and a diverse natural environment, and provide a unique cultural and human progress, in addition to strengthening The citizen’s knowledge of his homeland and the development of his interest, introducing the resident on the land of the Kingdom to local tourism, and marketing of tourist destinations and products that abound in the Kingdom’s regions.

The competition aims to encourage taking pictures that express and document Saudi national heritage, and everything inherited by previous generations of current generations such as fixed monuments of archaeological sites, architectural heritage, historical mosques, castles, forts, rock carvings, dams, etc., and transmitted effects such as pottery, stone, glass, metal, ornaments, coins, Manuscripts, tools and equipment, museum collections, traditional social life and the folklore, folklore and customs expressed in it, and various cultural activities that express the history and civilization of the children of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The competition categories include “Cultural Heritage,” “From Heaven,” “Nature,” “Saudi Arabia Today,” “Saudi Arabia with Global Eyes,” “Smart Phones,” and “Audience Vote.”

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